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acuvue colored contacts for astigmatism

Acuvue colored contacts: Contact lenses are devices most of the times medical and are worn on the eye’s cornea. Contact lenses have the same functions like optical spectacles yet with a difference those contact lenses grants you better appearance than spectacles and make you look beautiful and different. Contact lenses are a good replacement for eyeglasses. The type and the brand of lenses to select depend upon the lifestyle and eye structure of the person. There are two uses of contacts; one is for the medical use and the other for the fashion purpose.  Lenses used for the cosmetic purpose are used to correct several eye conditions which include Astigmatism, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, and Myopia. You always need to contact an optometrist to select the best lens for you.

Acuvue colored contacts are considered to be one of the best brands out there for the selection of lenses because of following reasons.

  • Infused with Moisture

These lenses are bound with moisture and are professionally designed in a way to keep the eyes fresh and comfortable for the whole day.

  • UV Blocking

Acuvue colored contacts have got the best UV blocking to provide the eyes with complete medical support and to keep the eyes free from any bacteria and virus.

  • Blink Stabilized

These lenses have got stable vision and let you blink easily. Acuvue colored contacts are the most comfortable and easy to use lenses.

  • Invisible Edge

Acuvue colored contacts are designed to provide maximum comfort to the user because of its thin edge and awesome pattern.


Types of Acuvue colored contacts

The types of Acuvue colored contacts involve the following:

Acuvue colored contacts

1- Length of wear

Daily Disposable Contacts are designed to cater to the needs of people who want to wear lenses for some time and also want to keep their eyes free from any infection or irritation. These types of Acuvue colored contacts prevent the eyes from bacteria.

Two-week Contacts lenses are thrown after two weeks of use and are not for use when sleeping. You have to take proper care of the lens safety and keep cleaning lens case and change the solution regularly to prevent your eyes from allergies.

Monthly Contact lenses are designed for the regular users of lenses, and this type of lens needs extra care and cleanliness. They need to be soaked in the solution for the whole night.

 2- Lenses by Condition

  • Acuvue colored contacts include a category for farsightedness which lets you enhance your eye vision without wearing eyeglasses. This type of lens is good for the people who have vision issues.
  • Contacts for Astigmatism by Acuvue colored contacts are used as a treatment of blurred visions for the people who can’t manage to wear glasses all the time.
  • Presbyopia Contacts are used by the people with age conditions, for the people who have problems in vision in low lights and while reading books or magazines.



Why select Acuvue colored contacts?

Acuvue colored contacts are considered to be the best brand out there when it is about having the best lenses designed with fine quality and the wide range of colors and patterns. Acuvue colored contacts are offering lenses for the both, medical conditions and for the fashion purpose too.


How to use Acuvue colored contacts?

  • There are some of the instructions which you need to follow for using Acuvue colored contacts:
  • When starting, wash your hands carefully with soap and then dry them.
  • Put the lenses on your fingertip hold it in light and make sure it looks like a bowl.
  • Hold the upper eyelid, and pull the lower eyelid downwards so that you may not blink.
  • Place the lens in your eye and move your eye upward, keep moving and then close the eye for the lens to settle.
  • Repeat the procedure for another eye.

Some informational facts about contact/lenses

  • Wear the contact lens that fits your eye size. If you ever wear lens which doesn’t fit the eye cornea size of yours, then it can badly damage your eyes. To prevent your eyes from such damage, always consult an eye specialist to get the best contacts for you.
  • Never wear the lenses while sleeping unless the lenses are designed in a way that you can sleep wearing them. Remember not to use the lenses more than the prescribed period.
  • In case of any allergy or infection after wearing lenses, must contact your eye specialist and get yourself treated.

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