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Blue Contact Lenses A Complete Guide

Blue Contact Lenses Many people do not like the idea of wearing glasses all the time. You might be among the individuals that have been recently recommended by the doctor to wear spectacles or maybe the one who is wearing it for some time now and want to have a change. In any case, the contact lenses will come to your aid. Some of the most popular options in the market are the blue contact lenses, and they come in various types. If you look forward to purchasing one, here is a guide that you must read.

Types of contact lenses by wear length

The contact lenses come with a varying wear length. These include the daily, two weekly, monthly, and quarterly lenses.


As the name suggests, you can wear these contact lenses for one day only. Once you the time proceeds and the lenses complete their timespan, you can take them out and throw away. However, why people opt for these? Well, they are very gentle on the eyes, and you won’t have to worry about the debris that may build around the lenses. You can remove them at night and start fresh the next day. It is an excellent solution for people with sensitive eyes.

blue contact lenses

Two weekly

The two weekly blue contact lenses are there to be worn for 14 days. They need to be left in the specific solution for lenses overnight. People that look to use contact lenses either regularly or occasionally can benefit from this option. The reason why many people choose this type of lenses is that they don’t have to change it periodically or buy in bulk as one pair can last for two weeks.

Monthly and Quarterly

For the individuals that look forward to extended usage, the monthly and quarterly lenses can be the right option. However, you are required to read the manual carefully and treat them accordingly if you want them to last for a long time. Depending on the period of use and the manufacturer’s instructions, you can leave them in the solution overnight or wear them permanently.

Types of contact lenses by material

There are two primary types of lenses when we consider them by the material. Many people don’t even bother to know about this aspect. However, it is always great to gather knowledge about it.


Hydrogel contact lenses have started to lose the popularity even though they provide great tear spreading. These lenses are comfortable on your eyes. However, the fact that they come with lower oxygen permeability makes them an unwanted companion for people that look to use lenses for a long time. However, they have their pros too that include being soft, nearly fragile, and prone to tearing.


The top material in modern day lenses industry, silicone blue contact lenses have been a popular choice in the modern era. They come with high permeability to oxygen which makes them ideal for wearing for an extended period. Moreover, the fact that they give appropriate hydration for your eyes make them a high pick.

So, which one is better?

Well, it solely depends on your needs. Everyone has a different budget and diverse range of requirements. Therefore, consider the type of lenses, their intended use, and take a look at your checklist for features or qualities you want in a lens before you buy.

How to use contact lenses?

If you are a beginner with lenses, putting them can be a tough job. New blue contact lenses come in blister packing, and one must shake it well before taking it out. Remove the lenses using your fingers (not fingernails!) and rub it gently on your palm while sterilizing it with a solution. Put the lens now on your index finger and assure that it appears like a bowl. Make sure that there isn’t any sign of damage to the lens and it is crystal clear. Now, wear it on your eyes.

Maintenance tips

Whenever you are using the lenses, make sure that you thoroughly dip the lens in solution when keeping it in case. The dried lens will become fragile, and you will have to throw it away. Use a disinfecting solution and clean your lenses properly. Read instructions manual carefully for appropriate maintenance as the way to keep them at peak performance may change depending on the lens you use.

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