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colored contact lenses: Should you wear them?

colored contact lenses Many people do numerous things to beautify their appearance. Many people are out there that look forward to enhancing their outlook by various means. One of the many things that you can do is wearing the coloured contact lenses. It is a great option to choose for people that want to complement their outfit and assure that they appear exactly according to the character that they choose to be. However, some things are surrounding it, and many people believe that it is harmful to wear such things. The truth is that if you get the right lenses and wear them appropriately, there is no harm done to your eyes.

Why people wear colored contact lenses?

There are numerous reasons why people love to wear contact lenses. Mainly, it is because they want to mold how their eyes are looking and make it exactly as per their liking. There are times when it is about making a statement and defining the character. Also, some people would wear the lenses because they want to beautify themselves. How many things do we color to beautify us? We can change the color of our hair, apply the nail polish, and wear outfits that come in a variety of colors, add some face paint, then why shying in applying some color to our eyes with the help of these contact lenses?  colored contact lenses These can be helpful in changing the look entirely and making a person stand out.

Is it safe to wear colored contact lenses?

colored contact lenses

Well, this one largely depends on your choice. If you purchase anything from a place that is not up to the mark, you are likely to suffer. For instance, when we go out to buy food, we never look for the outdated and unhygienic options. Similarly, when we are shopping for contact lenses, why we should go for the ones that aren’t up to the standards?

Choosing the ones that come from manufacturers that haven’t been certified is never a wise move. Moreover, it is also advised to avoid purchasing these sensitive products from street vendors and salons. It is also said that Halloween stores and convenience stores often have cheap and improper lenses so make sure you double check before you buy a product from these locations. Always try to look for a stamp of quality when purchasing these products.

Is it easy to use these lenses? How to put them?

Well, it may seem a weird and somewhat pretty daunting task if you haven’t done this before, wearing the colored contact lenses is fairly simple. Especially, if you get the hack, you won’t shy in putting them on and taking them off.

First of all, wash your hands and make sure that they are clean. Now, put the contact lens on your palm and if it is the extended use version, i.e. the ones that can be used for two weeks or 30 to 90 days, wash them with a solution. Sterilize them and assure that there are no traces of dust and dirt there. Then put it on the index finger, and it will appear as a bowl. Use one hand to hold the upper eyelid to make it certain that you don’t blink. Then with the other finger, lower down the eyelid from the bottom of your eyes. Now, look up towards the roof and put the lens at the bottom part of your eye. Release the eyelids gradually from the other hand and close them for a while. Open your eyes and blink for a few times.

The lens must feel comfortable once you have put them on. If it irritates you, remove it and inspect thoroughly. There might be traces of dust, or the lens may be damaged. If it is worn out, discard it as soon as possible. However, if everything seems right, try wearing them on again.

Wearing contact lenses without a prescription

Many people think of colored contact lenses as solely something that belongs to people who have a vision problem. However, even if you don’t have any prescription for vision correction, you can still wear them. These lenses are known as piano or zero power lenses.

Updated: June 28, 2018 — 8:39 am

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