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Free contact lenses by mail – Choosing the best lens

Free contact lenses by mail The contact lenses help us in some different ways. From correcting the vision to make our eyes pop and get us ready for the next Halloween, these lenses come in some different types and colors. Choosing the best color lens can be a daunting task, and many people fail to get the right one for themselves. There are many times when people will choose a color and order the lens to find out on arrival that it doesn’t suit their eye color. For instance, you might order a lens online and get the free contact lenses by mail, but you later find out that they weren’t the right pick. So, how would you avoid it?

5 things to consider when choosing a lens

There are 5 primary things that you need to consider when choosing a lens. These will help you in assuring that you are picking the right one as per your needs.

Enlargement effect Free contact lenses by mail

Some lenses will stimulate the eyes and make them bigger or smaller (usually bigger). It provides coverage to your iris, and you get to choose how much coverage you want. Sometimes, the black outer ring can contribute to the already decent sized iris of your eyes and will make them look bigger. Generally, the circle lenses may appear small. However, they have a decent enlargement effect on your eyes. Take a look at the limbal ring design whenever you are shopping for the lens to get the desired effect.

Comfort level

Free contact lenses by mail

Comfort level matters and there are times when you would wish to wear lenses for a long time. Even during a day, you may wish to use them for around 12 to 16 hours and for that you need to shop for the relevant lens. There are lenses which may come labeled as extended use, but there will be a restriction that one cannot wear them for more than 6 to 8 hours each day. Therefore, make sure that you get a decent insight into how long you can wear the lens. Else, they may get damaged or start making you feel uncomfortable.

Color vibrancy effect

Next question you need to ask when buying the lens is that what sort of color vibrancy effect these lenses will have on you. Whether they will provide you with an eye-popping and catchy color outlook which grabs the attention of the viewer or it will only be a mild effect. Many people shop for colored contact lenses only because they want the color to have a decent impact on their appearance. So, don’t forget to check for the color vibrancy.

Natural effect

Free contact lenses by mail There are times when you will see someone wearing lenses, and you can spot that from a good distance. It might be unwanted and to avoid it. You need the lenses that have a higher natural effect. Especially, with the vibrant colors and enlargement effect, the natural effect decreases. If you plan to get something that appears a lot more natural, you might not be able to get the desired vibrancy and enlargement.


Lastly, we need to consider the blending of the lens into your eyes. It is also considered with the natural effect. The better it blends with your eyes, the more natural it appears to be. There are some things manufacturers do to assure that the lens blends perfectly with your eyes. For instance, there may be color dots around pupil area which will create a blending effect and make your eyes smoothly blend into the color of the lens.

Final words

So, these are certain things that you need to consider whenever you are going to shop for the lenses. Note that you might be able to get the free contact lenses by mail, choosing the wrong one can prove to be disastrous. Generally, they don’t come with a return policy as the lens used or opened by a person should not be used by someone else.

For people that have lighter eyes, a green or grey opaque lens can provide a unique effect. On the other hand, people with darker eyes should try out the lighter brown, greenish, and hazel shades for a striking effect.

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