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Non prescription colored contacts

Non Prescription Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes

Non Prescription Colored Contacts is the thin layered lens, which is placed directly at the surface of an eye. They could be considered as the medical equipment and also could be used for the fashion’s sake. According to a statistic, more than 130 million people use contacts. There are several reasons for which people use the contacts. Non-prescription colored contacts are used by the people for the sake of fashion and to make their eyes look different.

Non prescription colored contacts Vs. Other Products

There could be other reasons like medical reasons too, and people use lenses so that they may not need to wear spectacles. Using spectacles for the optical reasons may be boring most of the time, and some people don’t like to use it as they think they don’t look good wearing that. So the non-prescription colored contacts are the best option in this way. Lenses have better vision than spectacles, and they also don’t dirty with dust or rain. There is in an increasing trend in use of contacts for the people.

non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes

Colored Contact lenses let you look different and make your eyes wonderful. However, when you are going to select the best lenses for you, you always want an option. The colored contacts whether prescribed and non-prescribed are costly from the simple ones.


Non-prescription colored contacts are designed to give the iris of your eye, a special look and make you more glamorous. The iris is formed of so many lines and shapes which are colorful. Some of the lenses do have different sequences of spots on them which allow the lenses to fit well on iris and make your vision clearer. There are mainly three tints of Non-prescription colored contacts which are offered in the market.


1- Visibility Tint

It is a green or blue tint which is added to a lens and lets your vision to be clearer during removal and insertion or if somehow lens is dropped by you. Visibility tint doesn’t affect your color of eye and is faint relatively.


2- Enhancement Tint

These tints are see-through but are comparatively stronger. These are not faint as visibility tints and are relatively dark. These contacts help in enhancing the natural color of the eye and best suit the people who have light colored eyes and they want their eye color look more intense.


3- Opaque Tint

These tints are not transparent and are darker than the other two tints. This tint is designed to change the natural color of the eyes. It best suits the people with dark colored eyes to change the natural color and to look different.


For the people who have light eye color and want to use non prescription colored contacts and also wants to enhance their natural color of eyes then they must select enhancement tint. Moreover, if someone wants to change the eye color completely and to change the look but still make the eyes look natural must try the lens in green or gray color. If you want to give yourself a different and appealing look which everyone notices, then try warmed toned lens like the one in brown color.

For the people having a darker color of eyes natural and if want to choose Non-prescription colored contacts, opaque tint would be the best option. To grant your eyes a natural look, the colors worth trying are hazel and brown. Moreover, if you want to have a completely different look, then the lenses of bright colors would be better for you to use.


There are some of the tips which you need to take care of while using Non-prescription colored contacts to save your eyes from any damage.


  • Don’t sleep when you are wearing contacts. The lens should be taken off the eyes before going to have sleep.
  • You need to change the contact solution on a regular basis.
  • Change the case every three months so that the lens of yours to be germ-free.
  • If you feel any allergy or irritation in your eyes, immediately contact an optometrist.


Non prescription colored contacts surely change the way how to look and make your eyes more beautiful than ever before but could be irritating if they are not used properly.

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