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Non prescription colored contacts

Prescription Colored Contacts For Male & Females

Prescription Colored Contacts A contact lens is a thin layer which completely fits the surface of the eye. Lenses are clear and enhance the beauty of eyes and provide good vision to the eye. Contact lenses could be hard or soft, and both the types are comfortable to use. Most of the people prefer to use the soft lens. The concept of contact lens is not so old and is developed after the late 19th century, and this concept was given by a German ophthalmologist.

Colored contact lenses help people to change the way they look and to enhance the appearance of their eyes. This fashion of change in eye color has a rapid increase and popularity too. These lenses let the people change their eye color. Lens usually contains tints which are highly absorbent and enhance the color of iris. Lenses are designed in a way that they best fit the iris. Each lens type has different thickness, a lens with high power have got more thickness than the normal ones.

Prescription colored contacts are prescribed by an ophthalmologist and have fewer chances of occurrence of danger to the eyes.


Due to innovation, the technology has made different options for selection in lens available for us. There are many options available and variety of colors too. Prescription colored contacts could be soft and hard and also could be in between. Other than these types and colors, the choices are also based upon the usage of these lenses. There are also some other factors which are to be considered to buy contact lenses.

Prescription Colored Contacts

The types of Prescription colored contacts include:


1- Disposable Soft Lenses

These lenses are specifically designed for short-term use within one month, and it depends upon the material of the lens. These lenses are made with soft and thin materials which are more flexible. The usage of these contact lenses depends on the brand which you are using.

2- Daily wear contacts

These contact lenses are designed especially for the whole day use and are worn for more than 18 hours per day. They keep your eyes irritation free and make you feel more comfortable and relaxed for the whole day. These lenses could be disposable and reusable. The usage of the lenses depends on the brand.

3- Extended Wear Contacts

These lenses are somehow same as daily wear contacts with a difference that the extended wear contacts could be used in the night too. Initially, these lenses had lack of oxygen flows, and it caused discomfort, it also caused irritation and itchiness in the user’s eyes. These lenses are convenient, but they involve some risks regarding health.

4- Spherical Contacts

These lenses are used to do the treatment of eye issues like hyperopia and myopia.

5- Toric Contacts

Toric lenses are the type of lenses which are cylindrical, and they rely on interaction with lid and help the rotation of lens to right angle to correct the wrapping of the cornea.

6- Multifocal lens

Multifocal lenses are specially designed for the people having presbyopia. Such lenses provide corrections which shift all the time to provide refraction for the eyes of aging people.

7- Monovision Lenses

Monovision lenses are designed for the comfort of eyes and are for the patients of presbyopia. This lens helps in making the vision of eyes clearer.

8- Conventional Contacts

Conventional contacts are the lenses which are worn for the long-term use from 6 months to 1 year. These are specially designed for daily use and could be soft and hard too.

The selection of lenses for the people depends upon the eye type of the person and the eye disease which the person is having.


The contact lenses could be problematic for eyes sometimes. There are tips for prevention of eyes from any complications:

  • Always ask for the doctor’s advice if you are planning to buy lenses for you.
  • Make sure that you are buying lenses from a trustworthy source.
  • Take care of the cleanliness of lenses and change the water regularly.
  • Read and follow the instructions written on lens product.
  • Wear and replace the lenses according to a schedule and stick to it.
  • In case of irritation or any issue, contact an ophthalmologist.


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