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White Contact Lenses – Everything You Need

White Contact Lenses There are some different types of contact lenses available in the market. All these contacts come in various colors, and people love to choose one that matches with their persona. This Halloween, you might want to add some spice to your appearance, and white contact lenses can provide you a look that you might be looking for. These colored lenses aid in adding versatility to your appearance. From appearing as a ghost to making yourself look like a blind person, the contact lenses can be there to help your character. The quick transformation can be very helpful and here is everything that you need to know about these contact lenses.

Types of white contact lenses

There are a lot of different white contact lenses, and each of them can be labeled into one of the three categories. These include mesh, block, and pattern.


Mesh contact lenses are the ones that are designed to cover your iris. They come with a while pattern that appears much like a grid. It helps in creating an immediate horrific illusion as there seems to be no pupil when individuals wear it. If you believe that your eyes are pretty dark for wearing it, such mesh lenses come with a touch of the grey result. So, it will blend perfectly. If you think that taking out the white and adding grey will decrease the creepiness of the lens, it still appears to be very horrific. In short, it can be a great pick for individuals that want to create the illusion of a freaky blind.

These lenses are great to pick for individuals that want to create a spooky look. However, if you are budget conscious, you may not feel this the prettiest option. The lens will help in creating a perfect Halloween disguise with your outfit to make you appear ghostly. Purchasing one that comes with UV help in creating a touch of more demonic look under the sun.

White Contact Lenses


Block, as the name refers, is the type of lens that is much more a solid block of color. You can wear it, and it will nicely sit on your iris to give your eyes changed color. There is a hole over pupil that allows a person to see as he does with his or her normal vision, but there are times when users of this kind of lens report a slightly decreased sight when wearing it. These are there for producing a sinister look and can help you in dressing right according to the theme. For instance, the sclera white contact lenses will cover the black ring and blend into white one to give you the possessed look that you want to achieve.


The pattern look comes with a variety, and it has a detailed pattern. It is usually in the area that sits over your iris and leaves a hole for your pupil to allow you to see as you normally do. It opens a whole bunch of new opportunities to you with the patterns as you get a chance to have a diverse range of looks. It goes with numerous outfits and can define your appearance.

Which one to use?

Well, it all depends on your choice that which white contact lens that you want to use for your Halloween. First of all, consider your needs. Take a look at your budget and how much you can spend on it. Then check what you want a lens to do for you. Head out to the market and find a few options that match your requirements and buy the one that best addresses your needs and falls within your budget.

Is it safe for me to use colored lenses?

There are many people out there that wish to know whether it is safe to try colored contact lenses or not. If you haven’t tried these before, wearing them can be a daunting task. Whether it be the white contact lenses or any other color, wearing them is safe. However, make sure that the product you are going to purchase complies with all safety standards and you take care of the lenses appropriately to assure that no damage is done to your eyes.

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